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Introducing Blossom Collection, an unprecedented portfolio of exceptional communities located in southeast Michigan, designed to elevate senior lifestyles. The Moceri family has channeled their years of experience, expertise and passion for world-class living to serve this growing population. Blossom Collection has set a new benchmark for creating outstanding life experiences by promoting health, wellness, sociability and fun in beautiful, dynamic and engaging communities.
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Active Luxury Living

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Active Luxury Living

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Active Luxury Living

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Active Luxury Living

Renewal & Wellness

Blossom Collection is the result of passion and dedication to meeting the diverse needs of adults. Blossom Ridge, Blossom Springs, Blossom Park and Blossom Lane offer tailored services for active lifestyles, as well as support for those seeking independent or assisted living, memory care and renewal & wellness. Flourishing years lie ahead when you choose Blossom Collection.
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