The Spa Life…

Most Blossom Collection communities feature thoughtfully appointed, full-service spas to provide massages, manicures and pedicures, facials and other premium beauty treatments. Additionally, the Blossom Collection communities offer access to outdoor and indoor pools with an adjacent steam room.
Naturally, there are delicious dining components to the Moceri brand of luxury. In fact, most Blossom Communities will have three dining venues with a bar,

indoor/outdoor pizza ovens, an exclusive chef’s table and on-site herb gardens. Residents will enjoy menus featuring fresh, locally sourced foods and healthy, flavorful dishes.

Activities Abound!

In Blossom Collection communities, experiencing life in full bloom is both beautiful and fun. The activities we’re planning are designed to be interactive, engaging and inclusive. Here are just a few of the fun things you can expect:

  • Art Studios. Imagine wonderful pottery you created on a wheel and fired in your on-site kiln. Painting, sculptures, and textiles – you can get into them all at Blossom.
  • Performance Studios. Participate in live theater, enjoy feature films, Oscar night, your granddaughter’s tap dance recital. It’s all possible at your Blossom Performance Studio.

Focus on Fitness

Whether you’re already into exercise or just getting started, Blossom Communities have the facilities and equipment to keep you fit. Our fitness studios feature safer and more reliable pneumatic fitness equipment to provide a higher level of effective training. Plus, certified trainers are available to offer guidance and encouragement. Walking and workout groups will turn fitness into fun with opportunities to be social and nurture friendships. For swimmers, Blossom Communities feature swimming pools and aquatic exercising.

Why Should I Blossom?

The answer is simple. You’ve earned it and you deserve the luxurious lifestyle Blossom Collection offers. You’ve worked hard, raised your family and now you’re looking for a beautiful, comfortable place with all the amenities you need to enjoy the prime of your life. And as things change, Blossom Collection will be there, supporting your needs without leaving the friends and family you cherish.

Are You Ready to Blossom?

Blossom Collection communities are unique. We say we’re for the 55 and bolder™ group but younger people often tell us they wish they could live here now because of the exquisite setting, luxurious amenities and wonderful services we provide. Although we offer this aspirational lifestyle, the choice to transition out of a beloved family home to one of our communities is often made with mixed emotions.